January 26, 2015

cropped sweater + skirt set

matching sweater and skirt set
[Lucy Paris sweater + skirt, Nine West heels, Vanessa Mooney cuff c/o RocksBox, Albeit 'Dahlia' lipstick]

In high school I went on this total matchy-matchy kick. My earrings matched my flip-flops that were based on the color of my hair tie. It was complete overkill. But that coordinating look is back in style (with a much classier approach). This crop sweater and pencil skirt set are a more dramatic approach to my winter wardrobe. The striking texture and thicker fabric keep in the warmth but still allow for that sexiness factor. Heading into 40 straight hours of snowfall, I'm getting in the last minutes of non-hibernation and prepping for a day of baking with Friends on Netflix. 

textured pencil skirt
women's winter fashion look

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January 23, 2015

a gentle(man) friday

Men's fashion casual winter layers
[Telluride jacket (similar here), H&M sweater, J.Crew tee, AG jeans, Bass shoes]

E has a strong obsession with what we've deemed "Grandpa Sweaters." They're the ones hanging on the rack that you'd think nobody under eighty might own. But he owns most of them. This latest addition from Telluride, though, bridges the gap between Grandpa and stylish young man. The wooden toggles, leather details and textured ribbing make a cozy winter statement. This piece is perfect for layering on milder days or (in my case when I steal it) lounging around the house. Any wardrobe choice that has the potential of looking too "dated" should be contrasted by more modern elements like his graphic crewneck and suede desert boots.

Also, happy weekend :) Let's get social on Twitter + Instagram.

Men's cozy toggle knit sweater

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January 22, 2015

H&M layering basics

H&M basic outfit women's winter fashion
[H&M trenchsweater + dress, Steve Madden heels, BCBG clutch, MAC 'Snob' lipstick]

I sometimes suffer from "shopper paralysis" in stores like H&M. The over-stimulation renders me completely unable to make any decisions. I walk in the store, do three laps, and walk out empty-handed. But, with that said, I also love finding their basic pieces to wear a million ways. As I was pulling together today's look, I realized (almost) all of the pieces come from H&M. So I have a strategy: stick to the neutrals. Instead of combing through racks of bold patterns and funky textures, I limit myself to 'standard' colors and styles. That way I find these hidden gems and keep from feeling defeated by the mass volume of clothes. What are your shopping tips or tricks?

flared asymmetrical dress and tan trench
patterned Steve Madden black and white heels

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January 21, 2015

cropped corduroy + striped tee

Women's fashion casual winter layers
[Bagatelle jacket, H&M shirt, Gap tee + corduroys, Old Navy flats, Gorjana necklace c/o RocksBox, Fendi tote]

This winter I've discovered the Gap "Sexy Boyfriend" fit. It's a fine line between pants looking loose and the outfit being sloppy--but they make it work. The key to finding the right fit is balance. They should fit snugly in the waist and be slightly slimmer in the hips but open wide at the leg. That way, your figure isn't swallowed by oversized material: feminine points get highlighted even with the masculine style. The relaxed corduroys are a great complement to casual layers. So this is the perfect combo for a mid-week look. Also, am I the only one who feels that "short weeks" end up mega-long and exhausting!?

gorjana double layer gold crescent necklace
corduroy, denim, and leather layers

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